2023 Update

Robbo’s Reliability Ride  starts 0900 (02/07/2023) at the Spen Leisure Centre Bradford Road, Liversedge WF15 6LW A self led ride or why not make it your club or social ride  check out our Facebook page to see some of the options for food and drink on the way round ( if you don’t fancy doing …

Brian Robinson Challege Ride 2018

2018 post event update

Finishing Times and rider info 165 riders thankfully signed up before the ride, of which 22 DNS, and by strange quirk of fate 22 joined on the day Sadly 10 riders DNF’d , better luck next year Although , (obviously) not a race, I am sure you will be asking , so we had 2 …

2018 Posters

2018 Jpg Posters for web use 2018 PDF Posters for display/printing (file names match the jpg’s above BRCR21 – BRCR15 – BRCR14 – BRCR13 – BRCR12 – BRCR11 – BRCR10 – BRCR9 – BRCR8 – BRCR7 – BRCR6 – BRCR5 – BRCR4 – BRCR3 – BRCR2 – BRCR1